Update to posting pictures on threads!

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Update to posting pictures on threads!

Postby 001 Neville » 05 Feb 2008, 14:04

I have now managed to tie in a general picture hosting package to this forum. This means you will no longer have to use picture hosting elsewhere for your postings on this forum.

When you create a new topic, you will now see a "Add image to post" line of text below the topic box. If you click on that, you can search for individual images on your computer that you wish to use in your topic.
File size restrictions is 4Mb, but preferably smaller! Anything bigger will need to be resized before you try to load. If you are able to edit your images, the best resolution for internet is 72-100 dpi (dots per inch). File name endings need to be .jpg, .gif, .png or .bmp . You can use this facility for images on your own computer.

For images already on the internet,
1. Right-click over the image and select "Properties". Copy the image name (ends with .jpg or .gif or similar).
2. Within your posting, click on the "Img" button to produce the [img]command,%20then%20paste%20the%20image%20name%20into%20place,%20between%20that%20and%20the[/img] text.
3. Click on the "URL" button for copying in website URLs, between the [url]and the[/url] text

Any queries, please email me.

001 Neville
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Postby 004 Jim » 06 Feb 2008, 16:29

That makes uploading pictures nice and simple - even I can do it!

BTW: There is a real good picture resizer called InfranView that I downloaded from http://www.irfanview.com/
It is a free-to-use app. that does many different types of graphics files and will translate most to .jpg files for economical uploading.

004 Jim

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