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Re: Early Opels on Ebay

Postby 008 Julian W » 01 Aug 2012, 13:34

Great to see the Opel Admiral Ambulance had surived I am told many were used in Holland and majority of those were scrapped in European banger races over the last 10 years
It may surprise you some these were sold in South America and the Argentina toy firm Buby made a 1/64 scale model of one in late 1960s and early 1970s

As for the Convertible Opel Rekord this was originally done by Crayford Engineering of the UK who did the initial job and sold the rights to the German coachbuilder
Much of the conversions of saloons into convertibles during the 1960s-70s at its peak was Enginnering work by Crayford Engineering some they produced themselves and some they designed and engineered
These include Audi 100GL based on a 2 door saloon not the 100S Fastback
Morris Marina Convertible which was built by Austin Morris Dealer
Opel Manta B Convertible built by a GM dealer

Its most popular source of revenue was the convertible cortinas where they converted everything from a Mark 1 to Mark 5
There are several Crayford Cortinas in NZ I know of 2or is it 3 based on the Mark 2
The one thats been here the longest was a resident of Wellington for some years with GA plates and one of rareist Crayfords in the world
It was originally a Ford Corina MK2 1500GT but given the Jeff Wren Savage 3.0V6 conversion now believed to be in Auckland originally blue metallic with faded worn greyish black hood - be told it is now red!

The first Crayford conversion I believe was a 1964 Mini
008 Julian W

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