Opel Kapitan 1951 RHD

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Opel Kapitan 1951 RHD

Postby 008 Julian W » 30 Jul 2012, 19:22

During the 1990s I was rung up by a Hot Rod Enthusist from the Wairarapa who had rescued a ultra rare Opel Kapitan 4 door sedan 6 cylinder from a local farm - He thought it first was an old Chev as the engine was similar and was going to hot it up until he found how rare it was - He was looking parts for it - and I think i put him on to a number of Beligium and Dutch Parts Opel Sites that were part of 'OPEL Ring Portal' which was one of first marque branded car portals when the internet got first commercialised in 1995
I lost details on who he is - It Could be a Mr Stent from Masterton or Stent the road where he lived

Some history about the car - It was brought in new for a Dutchman who became the end of Phillips Electronics for NZ!
the 1951 Kapitan was really an updated 1939 sedan that did very much look like a typical Chev of the late 1930s Kapitan was available in this shape until 1953 when it was placed by a car that that looked like a small Buick 1953-1956c ; another replacement 1956c-1958 then in term replaced by Panomanic rear window car of 1959-1961 of which i am told one was in Australia!
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