1936 Opel Kadett -NZ new where is it?

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1936 Opel Kadett -NZ new where is it?

Postby 008 Julian W » 28 Jul 2012, 14:48

During the 1990s I met the now late Gaitor Tremaine in Lower Hutt who was the former General Motors Holden PR Manager from the 1940s to around 1975. A very interesting fellow it was he who largely kept much of the archives to do with GM in NZ and is successor Albert Van Hum who was in the job till the 90s also had the same idea - Sadily post Albert the young bucks when moving to Auckland without telling the clubs chucked a lot of the archives in the skip!

Gaithor had the original Ledgers to alL GM cars build CKD and imported from 1920s to around the 1960s it made interesting reading around 150 Opel Kadetts were brought in at very cheap price (Germany needed overseas funds) all were built up less bumpers and some trim ; 4 were Cabrios one of which was last reported in Australia in mid 1990s restored and featured by Australian Classic Car.

Note the Ledgers are now been looked after by one of the reps of Vauxhall-Bedford Owners Club of Wellington!

Gaitor's own car was a Peach coloured Opel Kadett 1936 4 door sedan which he restored - He did give me a photo and I was unable at present to locate it and he asked me then who brought it - Someone must know where it is as he restored it in the 1980s
Typical colours for Kadetts here were mainly dark colours ; Grey; Dark Blue or Green
Pat Bonish a former MP for CHCH discovered a Dark Blue one - a total dead loss of a wreck and met Pat in 1991 and he then was going to get it restored Did he?
008 Julian W

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